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As the CEO for a SaaS startup (CE Check) I realized the importance of data-driven entrepreneurship right from the beginning. For almost a year, we had been struggling with finding someone with the right experience and skill set within growth hacking, metrics and digital growth, who could help us get on the track with our digital sales funnel. Lucky enough, we had the fortune to get a serie of coaching sessions with Action Metrics. Melinda is the most experienced person I have met within the growth hacking and metrics field. She had a very structured and pragmatic way to analyze our needs and help us get on the track. In only a couple of weeks, we were educated in growth hacking, analyzed company-specific metrics, implement website and system tracking, draft on a metrics dashboard, hints on investment pitching, recruiting strategies and a plan on how to work with metrics and growth hacking in the future. This has been a mind-blowing experience! This is a MUST for all digital/SaaS-startups! Thank you Melinda

Tobias Rydell, CEO CE Check, Sweden

Whilst at the growth stage with our business Dashl we needed to find a way to gather all of our data to make smart decisions, fast. Melinda assisted us in this process through creating dashboards enabling us to quickly access various data points giving us better overview over the business as a whole through data analysis. Melinda is extremely competent at what she does, very supportive and hands-on and ensured that we as clients were fully equipped with the correct tools and information before the project was concluded. She delivered in a swift and timely manner and also provides us with a workshop with advice on how we could use the data for growth. Thank you very much!

Arbilina Nissan, CEO Dashl, Sweden

"Melinda from Action Metrics has automated and centralized all our dashboards and allowed us to create new dashboards to better track our business. She worked with each member of the team to establish relevant indicators and train us to become self-reliant. Everyone had great pleasure when interacting with her, she was able to make the work pleasant even though it seemed difficult. She has not only a very technical approach to the tool but also a good business acumen that has allowed us to make a big progress in a short time. Thank you Melinda!"

Solange Arnaud, CEO Medoucine, France

"Action Metrics was instrumental in our process of becoming a data-driven business. Following the project, we started to have more data-based discussions rather than opinion based discussions. It has helped us to alter the mindset and the mentality of the company culture, making the probability of our overall success higher."

Mikkel Steen, CEO Artboost, Denmark

"The KPI strategy workshop was a great experience. We gained a completely new perspective on our objectives, what to measure and how to work to get there."

Jacob Rudbäck, CEO Yepstr, Sweden

"At, we want our founders to execute world-class businesses. Modern businesses are extremely data-driven. Therefore, we've recognized that our startups need the competence of data analysis and metrics to reach success. This is why we have chosen to partner with Action Metrics. Melinda offers great support to the founders in our portfolio, making them even more skilled entrepreneurs."

Christian Jantzen, Founding Partner, Denmark

"At Angel Challenge we pride ourselves on providing investors and founders with best practice advise and guidance. Therefore, when it comes to the topics of KPIs and metrics, we have chosen to partner with Action Metrics. We have been consistently happy with the performance and delivery. Melinda is very passionate about metrics and startups, which makes her an engaging speaker. She has a lot of knowledge on the subject area and helps founders and investors with clear actionable guidelines. We have since invited Melinda back to Norway to attend regular events of Angel Challenge across the country."

Matthew Smith, Investment Program Director Angel Challenge, Norway

"Daphni hosted a Q&A Workshop for startup founders with Melinda from Action Metrics. Her expertise on the subject of metrics is impressive, and her pedagogical approach makes it easy to understand. The workshop was truly appreciated by all the participants!"

Vincent Touati Tomas, Head of Marketing & Communications daphni, France