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If you are uncertain about what data to collect and how to turn it into something that fuel growth, then join Action Metrics for a 3-hour workshop. During the event, we break down your company's product and processes to build up your Data Pyramid. 


First, you will find out how you can get access and harvest your data. We also discuss what tools that fit your needs and apply to your startup. This part represents the bottom of your Data Pyramid. 


Moreover, we look at how you should translate your raw data into valuable information. This is the top of your Data Pyramid. We will find the metrics and targets that mean the most to your business. These metrics will guide you to improve your growth and customer value.​

"The KPI strategy workshop was a great experience. We gained a completely new perspective on our objectives, what to measure and how to work to get there."

Jacob Rudbäck, CEO Yepstr, Sweden




In the Analytics Training Project, I join your team for a couple of weeks. This project is perfect for startups who have reached a product-market fit and are about to move over to an intensive growth stage.

In the first part, I set up dashboards for you that allows you to easily access your data. The dashboards will then create the baseline of your performance and allow you to always know how your company is doing.


In the second part, I train the team members to learn the skill of data analysis. Everybody in your team should feel comfortable analyzing and acting on the data. Finally, I coach you and share ideas on how you can have data-based discussions during weekly meetings to make them more efficient and action-oriented.

Following the project, your team will have gained visibility of your data and learned the methods required to make data-driven decisions. Most likely, the culture and mindset of your company will have been transformed.  

"Melinda from Action Metrics has automated and centralized all our dashboards and allowed us to create new dashboards to better track our business. She worked with each member of the team to establish relevant indicators and train us to become self-reliant. Everyone had great pleasure when interacting with her, she was able to make the work pleasant even though it seemed difficult. She has not only a very technical approach to the tool but also a good business acumen that has allowed us to make a big progress in a short time. Thank you Melinda!"

Solange Arnaud, CEO Medoucine, France

"Action Metrics was instrumental in our process of becoming a data-driven business. Following the project, we started to have more data-based discussions rather than opinion based discussions. It has helped us to alter the mindset and the mentality of the company culture, making the probability of our overall success higher."

Mikkel Steen, CEO Artboost, Denmark