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As you run a startup, you’ve probably thought that you want to run a data-driven business to be certain that you make the right decisions and grow. Action Metrics offers services around data-driven entrepreneurship for startups in all stages of development that will make your company grow thanks to data. Read below to find out how Action Metrics can help your unique startup. 

Group Training Workshop


A 1-day course to learn the essentials of data-driven entrepreneurship. It is perfect for seed startups in the process of launching their company and service.


1. Pre-Launch

Build a clear understanding of the market and the problem - to validate that the problem is worth investing in. You will learn how to make structured 

interviews and define an MVP

2. Product-Market Fit

Iterate on your product until you have a product that users love - to validate your solution. You will learn how to use the Sean Ellis-Survey, and define your engagement metrics.


3. Transition

Structure the direction of the company with goals and KPIs to be able to scale.

You will learn how to define KPIs and how to build dashboards


4. Growth Hacking

High tempo marketing and product testing for fast and sustainable growth. You'll learn what competencies are needed and the step by step process.


The startups are free to join on one or all of the sessions, depending on which phase they are in.

Join on the 20th of February at Station F in Paris!


We will overview your business to identify your relevant phase, milestones, and actions.


Exercises often include the metrics tree and the user journey.


Following the session, you will receive a personalized document that summarizes the workshop and lists actions for you to take to maximize the acceleration of your startup.​

At the end of the workshop, we might continue to work together, either through coaching sessions or a Dashboard Implementation Project.

Price: 397 € 



Dashboards vividly illustrate the startup’s progress to the entire team. They help you stay in touch with your customers as your base of customers grow.

With the help from Action Metrics, you can get a professional dashboard up and running quickly, without using the tech team's resources


An Implementation Project with Action Metrics includes

  • Diagnostics workshop

  • Implementation of a dashboard tool, which shows your KPIs and metrics in real time

  • Documentation of the content of the dashboard

  • Training in how to use the dashboard tool, so you will be self-sufficient


Project Budget Examples:
2 000 € for a pre-seed startup, team of 3-4

4 000 € for a seed startup, team of 5-15 

"Melinda from Action Metrics has automated and centralized all our dashboards and allowed us to create new dashboards to better track our business. She worked with each member of the team to establish relevant indicators and train us to become self-reliant. Everyone had great pleasure when interacting with her, she was able to make the work pleasant even though it seemed difficult. She has not only a very technical approach to the tool but also a good business acumen that has allowed us to make a big progress in a short time. Thank you Melinda!"

Solange Arnaud, CEO Medoucine, France