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The Scored Problem Interview Template

With This Template, You Will:


  • Structure your interviews 

  • Get instant feedback on your results

  • Identify an ideal target market, desperate to work with you

  • Includes a Google Sheet that is easy to access and share with your team



Data-Driven Entrepreneurship is a four-step process for startups developed by Melinda Elmborg. It is based on hundreds of meetings with startup founders, both in the role of a VC investor and coach plus extensive research on how today's unicorns once started.


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"Action Metrics was instrumental in our process of becoming a data-driven business. Following the project, we started to have more data-based discussions rather than opinion based discussions. It has helped us to alter the mindset and the mentality of the company culture, making the probability of our overall success higher."

Mikkel Steen, CEO Artboost, Denmark