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At Action Metrics, I help startups to harvest their data and transform it into valuable information that improves operations, fundraising, and growth. In the Data Pyramid Workshop, we break down the startup's product and processes to map the startup's quality of data analysis and reporting. 

We will check that the important data is collected and what tools to use that fit their needs. Furthermore, we will identify the KPIs that they need to optimize to succeed short- and long-term and how these are translated to leading indicators. 

Moreover, Action Metrics help startups to gain visibility and control of their data. In the Analytics Training Project, I join the startup during a couple of weeks. I build up dashboards and train the team members on how to work with data. At the end of the project, the team will be equipped with the tools and skills to run a data-driven business. 

"At, we want our founders to execute world-class businesses. Modern businesses are extremely data-driven. Therefore, we've recognized that our startups need the competence of data analysis and metrics to reach success. This is why we have chosen to partner with Action Metrics. Melinda offers great support to the founders in our portfolio, making them even more skilled entrepreneurs."

Christian Jantzen, Founding Partner, Denmark



Action Metrics offers to give you a better understanding of a startup's execution capacity before making an investment decision.

Ahead of an investment decision, I can help translate reports into valuable insights to enrich your understanding of the startup's previous execution and future challenges. The startup's acquisition cost, revenue generation, retention and more are identified and analyzed to give you a better insight into the startup's development.