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Applicable for
πŸ‘‰ Accelerators
πŸ‘‰ Incubators
πŸ‘‰ Startup Bootcamps

πŸ‘‰ Events for VC Portfolio Startups


A 4-hour class for early-stage startups that are in the process of building a product. They are potentially about to raise their first or second round of capital. 

The class covers 4 subjects around Analytics:


  • Infrastructure - I explain how to collect data and set up a data analysis infrastructure. We go through the set up of Google Analytics and Mixpanel. We also review other available tools for startups.

  • KPIs - The founders learn what to measure and how to find the KPIs that are essential to the different business models. We also discuss benchmarks and how to set targets.  

  • KPIs for Fundraising - We discuss what performance investors want to see, what numbers and graphs to include in a deck and how to talk about KPIs with investors. 

  • Data-Driven Growth - We talk about how to do qualitative market studies and how to run marketing experiments to fuel growth.

Join this Training Workshop in Helsinki Oct 10 2018 πŸ‘‰

"At Angel Challenge we pride ourselves on providing investors and founders with best practice advise and guidance. Therefore, when it comes to the topics of KPIs and metrics, we have chosen to partner with Action Metrics. We have been consistently happy with the performance and delivery. Melinda is very passionate about metrics and startups, which makes her an engaging speaker. She has a lot of knowledge on the subject area and helps founders and investors with clear actionable guidelines. We have since invited Melinda back to Norway to attend regular events of Angel Challenge across the country."

Matthew Smith, Investment Program Director Angel Challenge, Norway


In this 1-2 hour workshop, we begin by quickly going through the most important methods to know regarding KPI Strategy and Data Analysis Management. We talk about what to measure and instruct on different tools to use. 

Covered subjects include how to set objectives, find the right KPIs and what targets to set. Moreover, we go through what a good data infrastructure looks like and how to make data accessible to all team members. 

The rest of the workshop is spent on Q&A, completely based on the participants' experiences and issues around analytics. 

"Daphni hosted a Q&A Workshop for startup founders with Melinda from Action Metrics. Her expertise on the subject of metrics is impressive, and her pedagogical approach makes it easy to understand. The workshop was truly appreciated by all the participants!"

Vincent Touati Tomas, Head of Marketing & Communications daphni, France